Regulations governing liability and compulsory insurance related to residence and employment in another Member State

If you, or any family members residing abroad with you, are a citizen of an EEA Member State, Switzerland or any country that has entered into an international convention with Hungary, and have a social security number, any insurance taken out abroad or in the social security system of an international organisation, as well as any termination of such insurance, must be communicated within 15 days to the Government Office having territorial jurisdiction over your residence.

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Notifications regarding foreign insurance can be given by completing a downloadable form on the website of the National Institute of Health Insurance Fund Management (NEAK).

The form is available here:


Based on this notification, your social security number and/or that of your family member will be temporarily invalidated by the acting authority (i.e. the Government Office with territorial jurisdiction over your place residence) for the term of employment abroad. Contact details for Government Offices:

If you do not comply with the obligation to make this notification within 15 days from the effective date of the foreign insurance, you may be fined by default.

You must submit the notification within 15 days from the commencement of your foreign insurance, as described under the ‘What to do’ section.

The commencement of foreign insurance should be notified by completing a dedicated form, which can be downloaded from website allow you to fill this in online or print it out and fill in on paper.The notification form may be submitted via post or electronically (via Client Gate – Ügyfélkapu).If sent by post, the form should be sent to the Government Office with territorial jurisdiction over your place of residence.

The procedure involves no charge, duty or fee.

The Government Office of the County (or the Metropolitan Government Office) with territorial jurisdiction over your place of residence.

An action may be brought before the competent Regional Court against a final decision, on the grounds of an infringement, within 30 days from the communication of such decision. The statement of claim should be submitted to the Government Office that issued the decision. The procedure involves no charge, duty or fee.

Notifications should be made via the downloadable form published by the NEAK. Once your notification has been recorded and the data reviewed, you will be unable to use your social security document to exercise your rights to healthcare services in Hungary as long as you have existing insurance cover abroad, since your social security number will be temporarily invalidated. (Pursuant to an inspection carried out by a healthcare provider, the following lights may indicate the following statuses:

Any healthcare benefit that is medically indicated will be available with an EU card issued by the foreign insurer, and planned medical treatments will be subject to a certificate (S2, former E112 form) issued by the foreign insurer as the cost-bearer. You must also notify the Hungarian authority about the termination of your foreign employment or insurance; the procedure is identical to that governing the notification process for new insurance. In such cases, the form specified in the EU regulations governing the coordination of social security systems and their implementation, issued by the foreign insurer or international organisation for the period immediately preceding revalidation, or any other official certificates, should also be submitted. Thereafter, your social security number will be revalidated.


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