Registration of collective societies

The collective management of rights means the enforcement of copyright and rights related to copyright which are individually non-exercisable due to the character or circumstances of use, and which are, therefore, exercised by organisations established by rightholders for this purpose.

The Hungarian Intellectual Property Office keeps record of collective societies and licenses the collective management activities of representative collective management organizations.

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Requests for registration may be submitted by representatives of collective societies.

The request for registration needs to be filed at the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office.

The possibility of electronic administration is available through the electronic administration system of the HIPO (available only in Hungarian)

Electronic submissions may be filed with the HIPO only by using the free-of-charge form provided for this purpose. The form can be accessed by clicking the Electronically button.

In proceedings before the HIPO, electronic communication is possible only in a manner linked to identification, except for requests for information and their execution, as well as international patent cases.

Identification can be done in the following ways:

User identification system created by the HIPO, based on a one-time re-identification with the Central Authentication Agent.

Electronic signature with enhanced security is a minimum requirement.

When turning to the HIPO after identification through a partner card or the Central Authentication Agent, the HIPO will send its decisions, notifications and other calls made during the procedure to the client’s official electronic storage space.

It is important to emphasize that in case of identification with an electronic signature, the HIPO cannot communicate with its clients electronically and can deliver its decisions only on paper.

The filing procedure is as follows:

1. Download the form to your device. Filling out the form in a web browser is not recommended.

2. Login to the electronic administration system of the HIPO by using the Central Authorization Agent, partner card or electronic signature. If you have an electronic signature, please choose identification using an electronic signature with enhanced security.

3. Upload the filled form into the system. Based on the attachments marked in the form, a table will appear in which the attachments must be uploaded one by one. If you have already compiled these into a directory, you will easily find the right documents.

The size of files that can be attached to forms cannot exceed 150 MB each. The total size of the submission and all attachments may not exceed 300MB.

4. Indicate that you really intended to compile this submission, or look at the HTML submission summary.

The system compiles your submission, encrypts it and sends it to HIPO. HIPO sends an automatic notification about the arrival of the submission.

For more information on the collective management of copyright and related rights, please visit:

The Hungarian Intellectual Property office deals with the requests without delay. In case of representative collective management organizations, the licensing procedure has a deadline of 6 months.

Authorization in case of a representative/attorney, supporting documents related to the facts stated on the request form.

The administration fee of the proceeding is

- HUF 50 000 in case of collective societies and independent collective management organizations,

- HUF 25 000 in case of a change of data of collective societies and independent collective management organizations.

For the licensing procedure of representative collective management organizations:

- HUF 850 000 in case of maximum 3 economic rights covered in the collective management activity (independent of the number of requested licenses),

- in case there are more than 3 economic rights covered, the above fee plus HUF 425 000 per each additional economic right.

The fee is due on the date of submission of the request.

Hungarian Intellectual Property Office

No prosecutor’s intervention and action under the Act on the Prosecution Service may be taken against the decisions of the Office. The resolutions of the Office, and its rulings which can be appealed independently pursuant to the Act on General Public Administration Procedures shall be reviewed by the court in non-contentious proceedings. The fee of the review procedure is HUF 10 500.

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