Disclosure of public interest relating to the safety of consumer products

If you notice product safety issues relating to non-food products, please take action as described below.

Kulcsszavak: Electrical goods, appliances, construction products, toys, childcare articles, fairground equipment, playground equipment, lighters, lasers, gas appliances, motor vehicles, personal protective equipment, pressure equipment

To make a report, you need to click on the ‘Start administrative procedure’ button (‘Ügyintézés indítása’) or download a form directly from https://www.fogyasztovedelem.kormany.hu/#/veszelyes_termekek_bejelentese. Reports on dangerous products must contain, as far as possible, an accurate description of the product, its identifying information, the name and address of the point of purchase, and any other relevant information, including photographs (if any). The completed form must be submitted to the Consumer Protection Department of the competent metropolitan or county government office by post or electronic means. Contact details for government offices are available here.

Disclosure of public interest to identify the product and the place of purchase (distributor). The form needed to make a report, not required by law, is also available to download here.

Consumer protection department of the county (or metropolitan) government office

Not applicable to the person making the disclosure

Act LXXXVIII of 2012 on the market surveillance for products

Government Decree No. 6/2013 (I. 18.) laying down detailed rules on market surveillance activity

Act CL of 2016 on the Code of General Administrative Procedure


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