Targeted screening programme with public health purposes: breast cancer screening – nationwide screening programme

Breast screening (mammography) based on the X-ray scan of the soft tissue of the breast every two years for public health purposes in women at risk of breast cancer between the ages of 45 and 65 has been verified with epidemiological methods to be an effective way of breast screening in the general population.

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To participate in organised screening, you need to visit the breast screening centre noted in the invitation from the National Public Health Centre at the time specified in the invitation, bringing your invitation, your Social Security card and your previous mammographic recordings and breast screening findings, if you have any. If the time indicated in the invitation is inconvenient for you, a new appointment can be requested from the screening centre at the stated telephone number. If the screening station is located in a different municipality than the place of residence of the person entitled to the screening, the screening station will issue a certificate of appearance upon request. By submitting the certificate and the public transport ticket to a government customer service point, the price of the trip can be reimbursed.

The screening test is free of charge.

Participation in organised screening is free, but eligibility (insurance coverage or health care entitlement) is required and it is invitation-based.

Those who have already been diagnosed with breast cancer before the test and those who have already undergone breast screening or a diagnostic breast examination within 22 months before the test are not eligible for the screening.

Organised breast screening can only be performed by breast screening centres in agreement with the National Public Health Centre, their list and contact details can be found at the following link:

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