Targeted screening programme with public health purposes: cervical cancer screening – nationwide screening programme

Triennial cervical cancer screening (after a single negative test) of women between the ages of 25 and 65 at risk of cervical cancer for public health purposes, with special attention to the cytology of cervical abnormalities has been verified with epidemiological methods to be an effective way of cervical cancer screening in the general population.

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To participate in organised cervical cancer screening, you need to go to one of the gynaecology clinics (or to the health visitor’s office, if the local health visitor is authorised to perform screenings) listed in the attachment of the invitation of the National Public Health Centre after the receipt of their invitation. You must bring your invitation, your Social Security card and the previous test findings to the screening.

The screening test is free of charge.

Participation in organised cervical cancer screening is free, but eligibility (insurance coverage or health care entitlement) is required. The screening is performed at gynaecology clinics; in those municipalities where the health visitor is authorised to carry out screening tests, you can undergo the screening at the local health visitor’s office, too. The invitation states the location of the nearest specialist doctor's office in accordance with your place of residence and, if available, the name, contact details and office hours of the local health visitor. In the latter case, the person entitled to the screening can decide whether to seek specialist screening or health visitor screening (if the local health visitor is authorised to perform screenings).

Those who were diagnosed with cervical cancer before the examination or had a cytological screening within 34 months, as well as women who underwent diagnostic gynaecological cytology, gynaecological screening, gynaecological cytology screening, or cervical smear are not eligible for the screening.

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