Assistance for people with disabilities with voting (NEO)

In order to be able to exercise their right to vote independently, voters with disabilities can request easy-to-read information, Braille template for voting or the option to vote in an accessible polling station.

Kulcsszavak: easy-to-read information, Braille, accessible polling station

In order to exercise this right, an application must be submitted.
The application may be submitted by electronic means or by post.

1. By electronic means
The application may be submitted by electronic means, with or without electronic authentication, using the following link:

2. By post

The form required to submit the application by post is available for download (in pdf format) here.

In order for voters with disabilities to be able to exercise their right to vote independently, they may request to receive easy-to-read information about voting, get the notification of the date and place of voting in Braille, be provided with a Braille template for completing the ballot paper at the polling station or vote at an accessible polling station.

Please note: The personal information provided in the application (name, name at birth, place of birth, personal identification number) must match the information indicated on the applicant’s residence card; furthermore, the applicant must have a valid residential address in Hungary, otherwise the application will be rejected by the local election office.

The applicant’s residential address is valid if it is not invalidated or registered as a fake residential address based on information from the register of personal information and residential addresses.


The required form(s) of assistance must be selected from the list of options in the application.

When submitting an application, it is possible to provide a notification address to which the local election office can send a notification about the approval of the application or a decision of its rejection.

Please note: The required form(s) of assistance remain(s) valid until withdrawn by the voter and will apply to every upcoming election until withdrawal.

The application may be submitted any time, irrespective of the elections.

For applications submitted after the announcement of the date of the election, the following deadlines apply for submitting applications for that election.

The application to vote at an accessible polling station on the day of voting must be submitted by no later than 4 p.m. on the 4th day preceding the voting date.

No other documents are required to be submitted in addition to the application.

No payment obligation arises from submitting an application.

The local election office of the residential address.

For submitting application forms by post, the contact details of local election offices are available at:

An appeal may be lodged against a decision on an application for assistance for a voter with disability.

The appeal may be submitted by no later than the fifteenth day of receiving the notification of such a decision or, in the case of notification by electronic means or facsimile, of the notification being sent.

The appeal must be submitted in writing to the head of the local election office that took the contested decision.

The head of the local election office takes a decision on the appeal no later than on the day following the date of its receipt.


Representation by a lawyer in the court proceedings is optional.

If the court concludes that the appeal is well-founded, it orders the electoral roll to be amended; otherwise, it rejects the appeal.

Act XXXVI of 2013 on the electoral process


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